The Atom

Web-PanopticonThe Atom, a Panopticon for Wycoller, provides an impressive focal point on the hillside overlooking the village. It is situated in a corner of the Wycoller Country Park car park on the Laneshawbridge to Haworth Road.

A Panopticon is a structure, space or device, providing a comprehensive or panoramic view. Designed by Peter Meacock with Katarina Novomestska and Architecture Central Workshop, the Atom is constructed in ferro-cement with a surface coating of metal-based paint.

It is intended as both a viewing-point and shelter, and also as an intriguing and beautiful object in the landscape. From inside, its circular viewing spaces frame unrivalled views of the surrounding countryside.

When it was first erected a polished steel ball, reflected those views back to the visitor, but in 2012 vandals hacked off the ball – the panopticon still frames superb views, but an important element has been lost.

A guide leaflet illustrating the Wycoller Panoptican Walk from Wycoller Village is available HERE or from the DOWNLOADS section of the site. It is also available from the Aisled Barn visitor centre, Wycoller Village. Alternatively, park on the Haworth Road car park and visit the panopticon first, before walking down to the village.