Web-Fungi-02There is a host of wildlife in Wycoller Country Park, from the magnificent trees, which themselves provide a home to hundreds of other types of life, to flowers, plants, animals and birds.

Open your eyes and discover the variety of species which go to make up the special Wycoller eco-system.

There are regular Discovery Days when Wardens and volunteers will take you on a journey into the world of  ‘another’  Wycoller,  inhabited by insects, pondlife flowers and plants which most people would normally pass without even noticing.

Wycoller is also an important centre for Bats.
Friends of Wycoller will be holding a number of bat discovery walks during the summer.

The Aisled Barn is the summer home for a colony of Natterers bats which breed in the rafters and two bat boxes have been installed to provide a little extra help. Several other species of bat are resident in other areas of the Country Park.

Bats are the only mammals that fly and the truth about bats is very different from the myths that surround them. Most people know little about them as a species.  In fact life for humans could be very uncomfortable without the Bat.

A series of Bat walks are being planned for 2018.