Wildflower Award Winners

Floral Award
Last autumn Friends of Wycoller won a top award from the Royal Horticultural Society for work protecting the environment and educating visitors to the Country Park.

Chairman of the group, Roger Cunliffe, received a certificate for the Conservation and Environment Award presented by North West in Bloom on behalf of the Society.

The award recognised work carried out by the Friends, led by Mrs Maureen Cunliffe, which identified wild flowers and the part they play in the local eco-system – and the uses they would have been put to in the past.

“Many wild plants would have been put to a variety of uses by the people of Wycoller in times past. Some provided medicines and others would have been used to the dye yarn used by handloom weavers, or the cloth they produced. Others would have been a valuable source of food from the hedgerows,” Maureen said.

Roger is pictured (above) with Sarah Dornan,the Lancashire Wildlife Service ranger based at Wycoller.