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facebook_logoWycoller Friends now have a page on Facebook and we would like you to join us. It is superb way for us to keep in touch and we can let you know what is happening in the country park. Click on the logo and it will take you to our page, like and share the page with your friends and let them know about Wycoller’s magic.

Blue tits hatched

The eggs have hatched out in the blue tits nest box and you can check them out on East Lancashire’s own ‘Springwatch’ in the Aisled Barn – which is a wildlife haven on its own. There are two blackbird nests in the beams and the bats, its fingers crossed for them as a cold wet spring could be a disaster. The ‘bird tree’ was full of life over the weekend with great tits, blue tits, coal tits, chaffinch, jack, blackbird thrush, woodpecker, squirrels and rabbits paying a visit – perhaps its time you also popped along!

Taster Day

Blue tit eggs
The Wycoller ‘Taster Day’ went very well, on Bank Holiday Monday, with stacks of work being carried out at Wycoller, and here is evidence of the blue tits in the next box – or rather their eight eggs on CCTV in the barn.

Stay Safe

Wycoller Hall
The Friends have made a plea to visitors to STAY SAFE during their visit to Wycoller. There are increasing concerns about people climbing on the ruins of Wycoller Hall despite signs warning that it is unsafe, not only are they putting themselves at risk, but also damaging the fabric of the Hall with pieces falling off.
Cyclists are also asked to take extra care, particularly when riding down the Dene towards Wycoller village. “Often they come down the track quite quickly and don’t realise visitors – particularly children – could be in the road. One rider almost collided with a vehicle heading to a local farm he ended up in the stream,” said Friends chairman, Roger Cunliffe.

Bats are Back

Wycoller’s colony of bats are back and roosting in the barn and should soon be giving birth to young. The resident colony are Natterers bats, which are quite rare and we have a CCTV camera in the bat box, but the tiny mammals get up a head of steam in the bat box and grease up the lens on the mini camera – so the pictures are not very clear. We will be holding Bat Walks later in the summer (check out our Events Guide for details and how to book)

Blue Tits

Blue tits nesting in a box built in to the aisled barn began nesting, but then vanished when the temperature dropped as the park was plunged back into winter temperatures. The GOOD NEWS is that they are back again and have laid eight eggs and it is all visible on CCTV in the barn Visitor Centre. It is Wycoller’s version of Springwatch and everyone is welcome to view the birds in action.

Wildflower Award Winners

Floral Award
Last autumn Friends of Wycoller won a top award from the Royal Horticultural Society for work protecting the environment and educating visitors to the Country Park.

Chairman of the group, Roger Cunliffe, received a certificate for the Conservation and Environment Award presented by North West in Bloom on behalf of the Society.

The award recognised work carried out by the Friends, led by Mrs Maureen Cunliffe, which identified wild flowers and the part they play in the local eco-system – and the uses they would have been put to in the past.

“Many wild plants would have been put to a variety of uses by the people of Wycoller in times past. Some provided medicines and others would have been used to the dye yarn used by handloom weavers, or the cloth they produced. Others would have been a valuable source of food from the hedgerows,” Maureen said.

Roger is pictured (above) with Sarah Dornan,the Lancashire Wildlife Service ranger based at Wycoller.