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Welcome to Wycoller
Web-Packhorse BridgeThe future of Wycoller Country Park is unclear after Lancashire County Council announced that it planned to axe the Countryside Service by 2018 – and start making cuts now.

They have launched a public consultation and want to know what people think about their plans. The timing of the consultation is unfortunate as it is taking place in the winter months when comparatively few people visit the country parks – but we want people who love Wycoller to make their feeling known.

Click HERE to go to the Country Council’s consultation page – to comment on the future of the Countryside Service, it only takes a couple of minutes!

The Friends of Wycoller have also launched an on-line petition and we would like you to add your name. Click HERE to go to the petition.

We would ask you to BOTH comment and sign the petition in order to have the biggest influence on decision makers at County Hall, and if any of your friends and family also like Wycoller please ask them to also give their support.

The Friends of Wycoller are all volunteers and we are working to maintain the magical qualities of Wycoller Country Park, to encourage wildlife and to ensure visitors enjoy themselves. We want you to discover ‘Wonderful Wycoller’ for yourself and enjoy walking in the valley and surrounding hills. We hope that as you enjoy your time in the valley you will learn a little about the birds, plants and animals that make the area their home.

Wycoller is one of Lancashire’s hidden gems. Those who are lucky enough to discover the historic village and its enchanted valley, are immediately captivated by its beauty.

Click on News, Events and Things to Do links above, to find out what is currently happening in Wycoller Country park and download information sheets, walks etc.

Click on the History, Gallery and Download links (Downloads link is in the Things to Do section) for lots of information and pictures of the Wycoller Area. Click on Events to see examples of recent events and details of other activities happening in Wycoller Country Park throughout the year.

Events are organised by the Ranger Service of Lancashire Countryside Service and the Friends of Wycoller. Most are free of charge. So, if you haven’t been before, why not find us and discover what you have been missing.

Directions to Wycoller can be found via the Find Wycoller link or on the Wycoller Park leaflet in the downloads section.

Welcome to Wycoller . . . We hope to see you soon!